Video Production

The ongoing social media conversation makes it possible to spread word-of-mouth good news about you at warp speed, and responsive web design makes it easier for those contacts to find your website and have an optimal viewing experience once they get there. But there’s one more thing you must have to capitalize on the interest you have generated—something with a feel of authority that helps to convert the buzz into new business in the form of more office visits and procedures. That would be videos.

VOICES: Tell your story

Sometimes that warp speed word-of-mouth could benefit from a bit of slowing down that allows interest to develop into a thoughtful consideration. A well-produced video testimonial allows happy patients to tell their stories with subtlety not possible with social media or still photography formats alone. Their moving—both literally and figuratively—stories are powerful calls to action designed to motivate a viewer to pick up the phone and call.

VERSATILITY: On the web, and in reception and exam rooms

Displayed on a flat-screen TV in your reception area, your videos can captivate the audience in your reception area, educating them and making their wait time seem shorter. Our custom education videos can also be found on iPads in our clients’ exam rooms.

VISIBILITY: Want to be taller and better looking?

While we can’t do much along those lines for you personally, our versatile custom web videos help your website stand head and shoulders above the crowd by providing valuable links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and your blog. Our video producer/director supervises all aspects of production—scripting, capturing high-definition footage on location, editing, digital effects. We’re state-of-the-art all the way. You’ll like the look.

VALUE: Working with an eye toward the future

While we focus on your current projects, our producers plan ahead to capture footage that will prove useful for your future video needs. That forward thinking saves our clients on production costs down the line. You’ll like that, too.