Branding / Marketing

Your creative solution may include branding that will be incorporated into the design and development of:

  • A search engine optimized website
  • Email marketing
  • Printed collateral (brochures, stationery packages, folders, appointment cards, counter cards, and signage)
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Web videos
  • TV and radio spots
  • Social media
  • And anything else you need!

Don’t know anything about some of these materials? That’s okay. We do.

The MCG Creative Process

We thoroughly research and evaluate your market, applying a wealth of experience and insights acquired during our years of working with practices across the country. We combine this hard-earned knowledge, media savvy, strategic planning, and creativity to produce and execute a coordinated, customized marketing and advertising solution. “One-stop shopping” for short.

Optimizing Your Marketing with Media Services

When was the last time a media professional analyzed your practice’s marketplace? Helped you to better understand marketing demographics and key local media outlets? Provided the intel needed to develop a focused marketing campaign?

If you answered “not lately” or “never,” don’t spend another marketing dollar until you ask Medical Consulting Group to track down your target demographic and map out the best route to reaching those patients. Then tell us how many dollars you want to commit to a campaign, and we’ll give you a totally customized media “buy” proposal. We can even handle the placement of your print, radio, and TV advertising campaign.

Heck—our Creative Studio’s imaginative geniuses can create the elements of that campaign, and our digital aces provide web and social media services that extend your campaign’s reach.

And all you have to do is ASK. Just like pushing the “easy” button.