Our Consultants

You know where you want your practice to go—you’re aiming high, but how to get there seems as mysterious—and perilous—as rocket science?

“Rocket science” actually is an apt metaphor for what MCG consultants do. They roll up their sleeves to chart a trajectory that will propel you from point A to point B. They have telescopic VISION of the marketplace, the math to point you in the right DIRECTION, and the LEADERSHIP to get you there.

If your plans include developing an ambulatory surgery center or you need an expert management team for your ambulatory surgery center, you should talk with an MCG consultant.

Do you need to optimize your practice’s efficiency and profitability? Our medical practice consultants know how to get it done, and MCG’s corporate consultants know how to integrate new technology into practices.

Meet MCG’s “Dream Team”—our team, your dreams. Now go ahead—dream big and aim high. We’ve got your back.

bill rabourn

William B. Rabourn, Jr

Managing Principal


steve sheppard

Stephen C. Sheppard, CPA, COE

Managing Principal


rob mccarville

Rob McCarville, MPA

Managing Principal


pat thomas

Pat Thomas, RN, BS, CRNO



erin malloy

Erin Malloy

Director of ASC Operations


tripp rabourn

William "Tripp" Rabourn



wendy stone

Wendy Stone

Client Business Manager


Rich Frech

Rich Frech



Anita Henson

Anita Henson, RN, BSN

Nurse Consultant