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ASC Services

Ambulatory Surgery Center Development

Our ASC development consultants have been key to the successful establishment of more than 63 medical facilities across the U.S and Canada.

How We Can Help You

Over the years, we’ve learned that it’s not all that hard to find someone who can build you a shiny new building, but developing a successful, profitable ambulatory surgery center is more of a challenge. The first steps toward surgery center success must be taken while your dream is still only a gleam in your eye—long before breaking ground.

We will analyze your case volume and other variables, then give you the answers you need to make a sound financial decision. Then, during an extensive planning stage, we analyze financial feasibility and facilitate financing, equity partnerships, and joint ventures. We coordinate with architects on site selection and the design process. If you live in a state that requires a Certificate of Need, we will facilitate that, too.

We also take care of other practical considerations vital to success— like equipment procurement, staff selection and training, putting together a policy and procedure manual, and licensure and accreditation.

No matter how you look at it, ambulatory surgery center development is an out-and-out complex process. You’ll want experts on your side. That’s why you should call us sooner rather than later.

Investing In Your Success

We are willing to invest with you to ensure the success of your project. We can create strategic capital alliances that allow you to maintain controlling interest. This creates a situation that’s mutually beneficial, as we share in both the risks and rewards.