Management Services Organization

What if you could offload all or certain aspects of your practice’s business needs?

What if you could redirect the bulk of your time and energy to caring for patients—where your interests and revenue lie—all without sacrificing your practice’s independence?

By forming or joining a MCG-facilitated Management Services Organization (MSO), you can.

Is a tumultuous market affecting your clinical freedom?

From growing regulatory requirements to reimbursement struggles and rising expenses, the challenges of operating a successful practice continue to mount for smaller provider groups. In fact, the practice of seeing patients all day and dedicating nights to dealing with business-related tasks has become frustratingly common for many doctors. Many more find themselves sacrificing clinical time with patients to keep up the demands of operating a practice in these complex and costly industry conditions.

What is an MSO?

An MSO is a partnership that offers a flexible range of practice management and support services to independent physician and ancillary service provider groups.

As a result of our in-depth practice consulting experience and our past efforts in the development and management of ASCs, MCG is uniquely qualified to provide MSO service infrastructure, offering members a comprehensive selection of medical business services including but not limited to:

  • Management reporting
  • Revenue cycle management (billing and accounts receivable)
  • Human resources/personnel management
  • Insurance and benefits management
  • Equipment mobility
  • Regulatory compliance/provider credentialing
  • Financial management
    Managed care contracting
  • Services contracting
  • Accounting and payroll
  • Information technology
  • Digital strategies (website development and hosting, SEO, social media)
  • Practice and ASC strategic planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Customized advertising and marketing

What are the advantages of joining or forming an MSO?

MSOs are not a new concept. They have been around for years and offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Remaining independent while increasing your practice’s competitive edge and profit
  • Reducing business-related time constraints to  
  • Accessing shared resources and expertise that might not otherwise be affordable
  • Bringing the weight of multiple practices to vendor negotiations to increase cost efficiency

Is there a defined set of services that a member must utilize?

Absolutely not. One of the perks of an MCG-powered MSO is flexibility. Services are provided on an à la carte basis, allowing members to select those which best serve their needs and preferences.

How do I get involved in an MSO?

Providers looking to get involved in a management service organization should contact MCG to begin the process of feasibility assessment. A confidential analysis of your practice’s business needs will allow us to help you make decisions about joining or forming an MSO.

Can I access MCG management services without joining an MSO?

Of course! Joining an MSO may not be right or even feasible for every practice or physician group. If you’re interested in any of the practice management or support services listed above, feel free to contact our consultants to learn more and to discuss your options.